All deaf people are not able to do cochlear implant

This surgery is done as a treatment for those with serious to profound hearing loss.

Cochlea codes sounds to electric pulses which stimulate the hearing nerves. Then brain interprets them

Therefore it seems we hear the sounds at the moment they are produced. Hearing via usual cochlea implant is a difficult process which needs time to figure out sounds one by one.

In past, people with profound hearing loss Used to do the implant after language learning courses, but now people over twelve months are permitted to do the surgery By FDA.

Furthermore, patients used to have sensorial or abnerval hearing slumping for both ears with less than 50% points for one, and less than 60% points for another one with best possible volume

For both ears via hearing aid to be permitted to do the surgery. Thanks to technology improvements, patient can get high quality sounds, and candidating factors have been easier. now, days kids must have sensorial or abnerval hearing

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