About Komak

Komak Charity Foundation is an independent charity organization that was established on February 2013 with registration# 185. The founder of Komak is Katayoun Riahi, a globally-recognized Iranian actress (for more info see here). Our mission at Komak is to assist children with hearing impairments with the costs of implants. We also provide support and information to patients, parents, and professionals.

کار ما پیشی گرفتن در نیکوکاری
نیاز ما بی نیازی همگان

Mission and Values

Our main objective at Komak is to help those families who cannot afford their children’s Cochlear Implant. Your donations would support such families to maintain their children’s personal health and safety.
For the implant to be most effective, it is necessary that the procedure takes place very early in life. Unfortunately many families do not have the necessary funds available for this life-altering procedure, as hearing aids can cost as much as $15,000. While hearing loss may lead to depression, social isolation, and communication difficulties, the implant cost is the major reason most patients opt out of the treatment or wait seven to 10 years before seeking one.

All kids, no matter where they live, are our children – they all deserve a fair opportunity in life.

Komak’s organizational body includes sections that offer cultural, educational, healthcare, and legal services. In additional to financially supporting the patients who need hearing aids, Komak offers a wider range of programs, some of which are discussed below:

Support children with hearing impairment by offering educational classes, helping patients with school activities, and providing consultation sessions.

Raise awareness of hearing loss and promote hearing health by conducting educational programs, translating relevant articles, publishing children books, distributing educational CDs, and holding music concerts and plays for children.

Sponsor hearing and balance researchby collaborating with universities and other educational institutes, and by awarding research grants to investigators who are making advances in the field of hearing and balance science, auditory research, hearing restoration, and congenital deafness.


Cochlear Implant
Hearing impairment is the most common disability in the world and is cause by damage to the cochlear. 7 out of every 1000 babies born suffer from the most severe form of hearing loss. Children with complete hearing loss can however recover their hearing by cochlear implants. However, the most effective results are achieved only if the device is surgically implanted as early as possible. For more information about Cochlear Implant, see here.
چه کسانی می توانند جراحی شوند؟
کاشت حلزون شنوایی فقط برای افرادی مناسب است که دچار ناشنوایی حسی-عصبی شدید هستند. سن این افراد بهتر است زیر ۴ سال باشد و هر چه سن فرد بالاتر می رود جراحی نتایج کمتری خواهد داشت.
The cost of a cochlear implant
The minimum cost of a cochlear implant, in a state-sponsored hospital, is $7,600.00 (320,000,000.00 IRR). This includes implant device, surgeon fees, and other hospital expenses. Part of this expense is covered by Heyat Omana Arzi (for more information about this organization, please see here). About $1500 (60,000,000.00 IRR) of the costs should be provided by the patient. Komak covers half of this expense and follows up with the patients and their family throughout the procedure, by providing them with necessary information in all stages of
چند مرکز کاشت در ایران فعالیت دارد؟
در کل ۱۲ مرکز کاشت در کشور داریم که جراحی را انجام می دهند: تهران( بیمارستان های: لقمان حکیم، رسول اکرم، بقیه الله، لاله، بهمن، امیر اعلم و…)، مرکز کاشت حلزون خراسان (که از مراکز فعال کشور هستند) مرکز کاشت شیراز (که اکثر ناشنوایان استان­های جنوبی کشور به این مرکز مراجعه می کنند)، مرکز کاشت حلزون خوزستان و کرمان (که این مراکز تازه راه اندازی شده­ اند و زیاد فعال نیستند)، مرکز کاشت حلزون اصفهان، مرکز کاشت حلزون تبریز (از مراکز فعال و در عین حال مستقل کشور هستند که هیچگونه کمکی از هیچ استانی نمی­گیرند و خیرین آنها به نیازمندانشان کمک می­کنند) چگونه کمک کنم ؟
How can you Komak?
In the Persian language, the word Komak signifies help and support. To offer you Komak with a one-time financial gift, you have the following donation options: Phone payments: #510*78* You can also support our cause by making a direct deposit to Bank Pasargad. Please make the payment to “Bonyad-e Kish-e Mehr-e Katayoun. Account # 5031-0001-2919-5022 To set up planned gifts, please contact us: Phone: +98 21 228 344 86 Komak.charity@gmail.com